2017 Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie 8'2 PE 8 - 13 / 80lb 130lb popper fishing Rod

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2017 Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie

8'2 PE8-12 (80-130LB)


New in for 2017, is Hamachi's latest version of the hugely popular XOS GT'n'Doggie (2018 VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE )

The new Expedition series are a 3 piece popping, plug and stick bait rod, which packs down to 94cm (3') with insane casting distance, mind blowing power and worldwide lifetime warranty!!

Capable of casting big poppers an incredible distance , if you chase Volkswagon size GT's , jumbo red bass,  monster Dogtooth or Bluefin Tuna, then Hamachi's 2017 XOS GT'n'Doggie Expedition rods are what you need. 

Hands down these are the best popping rod we have ever used, at 8'2 they blow the competition away for casting distance with big poppers, the tip has the perfect action for twitching blooping and get the best of poppers and stick baits and the latest taper combined with the best in nano materials ensures the pressure is transferred to fighting the fish and not the angler. Put simply we can put more fish stopping pressure on with one of these than many very popular high leverage jig sticks !!

These are an amazing set up with a 7500 - 30000 size reel, these fish beautifully with 50lb right the way through to 130lb 

The first shipment of these sold out before they landed, these are one of the finest Japanese popper rods available



  • SPECS              SPIN VERSION
  • Length              8'2 3 piece  CLOSED LENGTH 94 CM (3')
  • Rod weight        431 grams (15oz)
  • Line rating         PE8-12 (80 - 130lb)
  • Taper               Full radical  taper
  • Lure weight       Cast 80-220gram
  • Blank               High-performance NANO TECHNOLOGY - incredible lifting power!
  • Guides              SiC Braid friendly guides 
  • Reel Seat          Hamachi composite with CNC alloy trims

Warranty Hamachi Lifetime global warranty

These are also available in a PE3-5 and PE8-12 version.





HAMACHI GLOBAL LIFETIME WARRANTY www.HamachiTackle.jp for further information

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