4 x TSK Argentina bibbed minnow / wobbler 225mm 4x strong trebles 200lb thru wire

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TSK Argentina

Bibbed Minnow pack (4)


These are an outstandng bidded minnow ( wobbler) .

One of our favourite lures, no matter where we travel in the world if we are saltwater fishing, these will be with us

The TSK bait imates a fleeing baitfish , like large piper / ballyhoo / garfish  

Overall length excluding trebles is 225mm (9") 

Decked out with 200lb through wire and spilt rings and 4x strong trebles , designed for all the monsters of the deep from big coral trout and cod to GT's , Dogtooth, Yellowfin,  Bluefin and King Mackerel 

They are setup to be the perfect match for your Shimano Stella, Daiwa DogFight or Hamachi Monster GT

Built tough 

  • Features:
  • Pack of 4 
  • 225mm long 
  • Floating with sonic rattle
  • Holographic fish like body , lateral line and red eyes
  • 4X Strong Extra Heavy Duty Split Rings
  • 2 Sets of 4x strongTreble Hooks
  • Strong construction with double skin
  • Great for trolling from the Boat
  • Or casting from the Rocks
  • Suitable for Overhead & Threadline Reels
  • Imitates escaping baitfish
  • Premium quality fit and finish