Some would call us avid maybe even obsessed fisherman, chasing everything from marlin and tuna to tossing poppers and sliders for GT's

We've been involved in fishing tackle manufacturer for over 20years and use what we sell, so if you need a hand understanding what's the right product, drop us an email

Whilst we operate Monday to Friday 8 till 5 WST (Australia), you will usually get a quick email response from one of us (that's not out fishing) outside those hours.

We ship worldwide with most items leaving our warehouses the same day as ordered

Why don't you carry everything?

We bulk buy from the world's top manufacturers and wholesalers, buying only popular high-end fishing and boating products to bring them to you at insanely low prices

Why do your eBay auctions offer such large savings?

We auction a very limited number of products as a part of our agreements with manufacturers like Hamachi Tackle Japan
They are typically superseded models or items that may have small cosmetic imperfections that have occurred in transit eg a mark / indent on the EVA grip where a guide as rested against it and come with a one year warranty.
Most customers don't wish to wait for the uncertainty of maybe winning an auction, preferring to purchase the latest model with a lifetime warranty then and there through our fixed priced eBay listings or our main business here (
As a result, the auction rods sell well below our cost 
For us, it's a great form of advertising and the loss works out more cost effective than Google Adwords and other forms of online advertising and also helps a few very lucky fisherman pick up a Hamachi rod at an incredible price

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