Hawaiian Island Designs GT Slider Stick bait Popper pack - Fishing lure for GT's Dogtooth Tuna Kingfish

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Hawaiian Island Designs 

GT Slider Stick bait Popper pack (4)


These are an outstanding popper , made in traditional style with solid wood and lead weighting.

Wood allows the best swimming action and the lure to sit a lot lower in the water when floating or being jerked resulting in far better hook up ratio than plastic poppers that get easily pushed out the way by the bow wave created by monster GT's when they move into for the kill.

The GT Slider stick bait imates a leaping baitfish , like large piper / ballyhoo / garfish  

Overall length including trebles is 250mm (10") and 300mm (12") weight is 150grams

Decked out with 300lb through wire and spilt rings and 6x strong trebles , designed for absolute monster GT's , Dogtooth , Mackerel 

They are setup to be the perfect match for your Shimano Stella, Daiwa DogFight or Hamachi Monster GT

Built tough 

  • Features:
  • Pack of 4 poppers
  • 150 Grams - 28cm long
  • Floating with weighted rear
  • Black/Silver Holographic Strips, Red Bubble Cup Face
  • 6X Strong Extra Heavy Duty Split Rings
  • Wooden/ Timber/Holagraphic Eye's
  • 2 Sets of  6X 5/0 Treble Hooks
  • Strong construction with double skin
  • Great for casting from Boat/Rocks
  • Creates a attractant bubble trail
  • Suitable for Overhead & Threadline Reels
  • Imitates escaping surface baitfish
  • Premium quality fit and finish